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Hello to those who read my profile I want you to know first of all that I am Cuban and I live in Cuba and I would really like to find a woman with whom to create a family based on love and respect. First I will tell you about me a little so that you know me before you write to me you can see some photos but to know me really is something magic I am something strange in this world I like the old things to conquer the woman give a flower with thousands of feelings write a letter Inspired by a smile to lie down under the stars by the sea slowly caress your hair as we kiss, whisper to the ear how many things go through my mind and smile with mischief as two lovers engaged with each other.
I could stay writing thousands of things that I feel right now and I think but it is better to wait until I reap who will be the owner and mistress of my thoughts and body, I hope to find it soon really the age does not worry me nor its physical appearance only that there is that chemical between We know what I mean, it would be great to find that person.

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De amor uno muere tantas veces que hasta aprende a resucitar y a levantarse y vuelve a decir TE AMO suicidamente.


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